Gimme gimme gimme.

Just lately I’ve been hearing a lot from friends who are struggling with their kids and their sense of entitlement.

And just lately I’ve read a few really good blog posts about this very problem and a few different approaches to it.

So I thought I’d link the two together.

 ‘teens who strongly connected buying and owning things with success and happiness reported having lower GPAs, more depression and a more negative outlook. “Materialism had just the opposite effect as gratitude—almost like a mirror,” says study co-author Jeffrey Froh, associate professor of psychology at Hofstra University.’

First up this is an interesting read on Raising Children with an Attitude of Gratitude.    This article goes deeper than just the need to say thanks.  One of the points it makes is it looks at how the internet has made acquisition of goods so quick and easy, that the very value of goods is harder to recognize.  I find this kinda stuff interesting.  Really interesting.  And I found this article when someone I follow on twitter tweeted it.  Ivanka Trump.  Never mind the fact that one pair of her brand of shoes costs more than I spend on footwear in a decade – the chick is seems to have her head screwed on amazingly well.  She is intentional with her parenting, and from what I can tell, is very much in touch with the general populus – even though her world and my world are so very different.  Just goes to show that as parents we’re all dealing with the same heart issues.

Another couple of fabulous blog posts can be found here and here at ‘We Are That Family’.  I love the way Kristen deals with this issue of entitlement.  But don’t just take my word for it – read those blogs yourself.

And finally, my favourite post that I’ve read most recently talks about entitlement that we as adults may feel.  I reckon it is harder to deal with our kids and their needs/ desires/ wants and entitlement issues, when we’re still sorting out how we feel about things ourselves.  Read Steve’s post here – I can’t do his heart and words justice.  He’s the kinda guy I’d love to be able to have over with his family for a barbie once a month and I know the conversation would just flow.  Read it.  Go on.  Read it.