Social media and show ponies?

If you’re a parent, then at some point along your social media path I bet there’s been some cutesy pic of an offspring doing something embarrassing, published by you.

I know I have clicked ‘share’ on numerous pictures of my little ones, or made a funny status relaying to my friends and family something funny that a child of mine has done.

And while some of this is entertaining and some of this is all good, clean fun – I’m all for fun and not taking life too seriously, and seeing the humorous side in as much of life as I can… some point there’s a danger that some of these social media things we share can actually be really embarrassing for our kids, and also, there’s the risk of turning our kids into ‘show ponies’.  Kids known for their antics .

I’m not into that.

So where can we draw the line?  How can we intentionally engage in all the good that social media can offer us, without our kids receiving the rough end of the deal?

Food for thought huh?

When I started this blog I promised my eleven year old I wouldn’t embarrass him.  He’s at the age when he’s interested in what I write and what I share on social media, so I need to respect that and try to be a good example of social media use, as soon he’ll be old enough to sign up for these things too.

So what are some reasonable ‘rules’ you have in your family?

I know some parents who will only post pictures of their kids with their kids’ permission. Is that something we should all be doing?  From what age do we ask permission?

How about funny stories?  When is it ok to share a funny kid story – and when is it not?

Let’s get talking about these things…I think they are important…….please share your thoughts and ideas here on this post…..